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Professional Development for Artist

Department of Arts, Culture & History/Arts Office

Entity Eligible to Apply for Grant:
Any artist who is 18 years of age or older, a legal resident of West Virginia, has not received a grant for this fiscal year and has submitted all final reports.

Type of Grant:

What are some examples of eligible expenses? • Fees associated with an opportunity for advanced study with a significant master or mentor
(outside of a classroom setting and cannot related to any degree program)
• Tuition, registration, and travel expenses associated with a professional artistic opportunity,
conference, seminar, residency program, or workshop
• Materials and equipment to complete work for a scheduled gallery exhibition, performance,
publication, or unique artistic opportunity that will significantly advance an artist’s career
What are some examples of eligible activities? • Attending professional development workshops, conferences, or seminars (outline of workshop
curriculum required)
• Participating in self-designed apprenticeships/mentorships (letter of support, syllabus, or
curriculum outline and signed contract from master artist required)
• Fees associated with hiring a consultant or agency to develop website, ecommerce site, or social
media accounts
• Purchasing new equipment relevant to area of artistry
• Remodeling or building a safe and energy-efficient studio
What are ineligible project expenses and project activities?
• Tuition, fees, and material costs associated with required collegiate/degree-related coursework
or program
• Royalty fees
What funding amounts are available? • Applicants may request up to 75% of project costs not to exceed $5,000
Does this grant require matching funds? • Yes, applicants must provide a minimum of 25% cash match of total project costs​

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