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West Virginia Department of Economic Development, Community Advancement and Development

Entity Eligible to Apply for Grant:
Community Action Agencies

Type of Grant:

The purpose of​the LIHEAP Emergency Repair and Replace Program (ERRP) is to aid eligible customers in need of emergency heat, (and/or cooling if eligible), i.e., the repair or replacement of malfunctioning or non-operable. This program is designed to provide emergency heat services to low-income persons with a household income at or below 60% of State Median Income.

In addition to providing aid to eligible customers in need of emergency heat, this program will also offer aid to those who are without properly working cooling units. This portion of the program would run from May 1 through September 30. In addition to the 60% of State Median Income limit, households must include at least 1 individual who meets at least 1 of the following criteria:
• Child that is age 5 or under,
• Individual age 60 or over,
• Individual with a diagnosed disability.

The ERRP will provide emergency heat restoration services to low-income homes via repair or replacement, thereby increasing the safety of the residents, and providing energy efficient units or repairs to reduce their energy burden and fuel costs. This program will also provide cooling restoration services to low-income homes that include a member of the vulnerable population as defined in the introduction. These services will be provided via repair or replacement and will increase safety of the vulnerable population and provide energy efficient units or repairs that will reduce cooling costs.

It is intended that ERRP services will only be provided once per household or applicant per 10 years if the system is replaced and once per 2 years if the system is repaired. Written approval from the State Office Program Manager (or authorized designee) must be obtained if the CAA feels it is warranted to waive this rule before work is started. .

The purpose of this application is to select eligible applicants capable of providing Emergency Repair and Replacement services in accordance with the FY2023 LIHEAP ERRP Grant Agreement, the provisions of 45 CFR 96, 2 CFR 200.471, 2 CFR 200.207, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

This application will allow the Pass-through entity to evaluate the current resources and capabilities of applicants. Applicants will complete a separate Service Delivery Plan for county the agency is applying to serve with ERRP funds. The selected applicants will provide statewide coverage by serving eligible clients in the service area assigned. If a CAA is unable to provide a timely response to an ERRP applicant, the CAA may work with another CAA to serve clients outside of the assigned service area.

Applicants may not obligate funds, incur expenses, or otherwise implement program services prior to execution of a legal Grant Agreement with the Pass-through entity, or a Pre-Award Letter authorizing expenditures.​​


West Virginia Community Action Agencies are eligible and must be in good standing/current with the following items:
1.State of West Virginia Business License
2.Current on all 990 tax filings
3.Current SAM Registration
4.Most recent audit submitted to Pass-through entity and Federal Clearing House on time.

The start date for this award is October 1.  The period of performance is October 1  to September 30.
1.To ensure program effectiveness and the best outcomes for clients, Pass-through entity funding decisions may take into consideration applicant’s performance, including:
   b. Effective and timely use of all available resources to meet goals and increase the number of clients served.

2.The Pass-through entity reserves the right to terminate the Grant Agreement prior to the expiration of the performance period.  If during the agreement term an applicant is deemed not qualified to manage the program due to contractual non-compliance, the Pass-through entity may solicit applications for another provider to serve the area.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the full application including all attachments electronically using the WV Oasis Vendor Self Service (VSS) online portal at

Instructional training videos for VSS are located at and include additional details regarding how to complete the grant funding application in VSS. For a detailed look at how to access the Grant Funding Opportunity in VSS and complete the application, be sure to attend the Technical Assistance Webinar.

For technical assistance within or for help with a State Vendor ID, the applicant may call the Help Desk at (855) 666-8823 or email

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Important Contacts

Program Manager

Phillip Avis
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305

Unit Manager

Shelly Woda
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305