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West Virginia Department of Economic Development, Community Advancement and Development

Entity Eligible to Apply for Grant:
Local governments, state government, or non-profit organizations

Type of Grant:

The Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 established the Appalachian Regional Commission.   ARC is a federal/state partnership composed of the Governors of 13 Appalachian States and a Federal representative who is appointed by the President.

ARC makes available federal grants for community-based economic development projects. 

Eligible activities include infrastructure (water, wastewater, broadband), site development, business development, and job training. 

Matching funds are required (variable rates depending upon the county or counties served). 

ARC does not fund improvements to state or local government buildings or provide funds for state or local government operations. Individuals and private businesses are not eligible for ARC assistance. 

Applicants must meet the federal financial management requirements outlined in 2 CFR 200. ​​ Construction projects must comply with federal regulations for environmental review and Davis-Bacon labor standards. ARC funds can match any other funding source, including federal, state and local funds.


Highest priority for the West Virginia ARC program are infrastructure projects (water, sewer, broadband), particularly projects in ARC-designated distressed counties. 

Other priorities include industrial and commercial site development, addressing abandoned and dilapidated structures, and workforce development.

How to Apply

Applicants apply to the WV Community Advancement and Development Division.  The FY24 NOFO can be found at WV ARC Area Development FY2024 NOFO.pdf  Additional resources​ can be found at the WV Community Advancement and Development website. ​

Applications are usually accepted one time per year, normally in the fall of each year, with a deadline for applications at the end of January. 

​Applicants requesting funding for infrastructure or any construction projects are highly encouraged to work with their local Regional Planning and Development Council to develop an application and ensure that they are following all applicable state and federal rules.

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Important Contacts

ARC Program Specialist

Krista Cox
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305

ARC Program Manager

James Bush
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305