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West Virginia Department of Economic Development, Community Advancement and Development

Entity Eligible to Apply for Grant:
Local governments (county and municipal)

Type of Grant:

HUD funding to develop viable communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanded economic opportunities, principally for persons of low- to moderate-income. All projects funded through this program must meet a National Objective of Benefit low-to moderate- income persons or aid the prevention or elimination of slums or blight. The CDBG community and economic development objectives are the following:
● Support the development of viable infrastructure systems (such as water, sewer, and storm water) to improve living conditions and bolster economic development.
● Improve quality of life by enhancing public facilities and eliminating factors that affect environmental quality or public health through activities such as mitigating blighted and abandoned properties, supporting the remediation of brownfield sites, and enhancing parks and recreational facilities.
● Develop local strategies through community planning to support improved living environments and strengthen economic and community development.

Award Amounts and Ineligible Activities
The Community Advancement and Development Division (CAD), part of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WVDED), is now accepting applications that focus on the above identified community and economic development objectives. CDBG funding is limited and competitive. Maximum amounts that may be requested are as follows:
● Infrastructure projects: $2,000,000 in CDBG funds
● Parks/recreational facilities: $250,000 in CDBG funds
● Demolition of blighted/abandoned properties: $250,000 in CDBG funds
● Brownfield projects: $1,000,000 in CDBG funds
● Planning grants: $250,000 in CDBG funds

Ineligible activities for State CDBG funding:
● Government Buildings
● General Government Expenses
● Political Activities
● Purchase of Equipment, Furnishings, or Personal Property
● Operating and maintenance expenses

Match is not required but is encouraged, scoring criteria includes National objective and percent of low- and moderate-income persons served, program design objective, narrative, outcomes, correcting deficiencies, achieve compliance with required standards, description of the project need, cost effectiveness of the project, achievements of state or local goals, readiness of project, resiliency measures, applicant capacity, partnerships and match.


The CDBG priorities are infrastructure(water, sewer, sidewalks, ADA curb cuts, streetscape), parks and recreation, demolition​.

How to Apply

Applicants apply to the WV Community Advancement and Development Division.  

Current open application deadline is February 24, 2023.

Application materials can be found at Community Development Block Grant

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Important Contacts

Program Manager

Sherry Risk
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305

WVCAD Infastrucutre Unit Manager

James Bush
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 3, Suite 700
Charleston, WV  25305