Public Safety

​​​​​West Virginia Department of Homela​nd Security -J​​​​​ustice and Community Services​  
Justice and Community Services, part of the Division of Administrative Services within the W.Va. Department of Homeland Security, serves as West Virginia’s criminal justice planning agency.  Part of the agency's duties include, assisting in the protection of the citizens of West Virginia through research and statistics; planning and coordination of services; training and certification of law enforcement officers; program development and implementation; and, administration of grant-funded programs emphasizing safety, prevention, coordination and grant -funded programs for the general enhancement of the criminal justice system as a whole​.  The Agency's grants are not benefits or entitlements, nor are they loans to individuals.  Eligible applicants include state and local units of governments and private non-profit entities.​​​

Law Enforcement Resources
Law enforcement training and professional ​organizations 

Concealed Weapons Permit Application

Gun Reciprocity​​
States recognizing  West Virginia canceled handgun permits​

West Virginia Fire Commission - Office of the State Fire Marshal​
The purpose of the State Fire Marshal's office is to improve the quality of life of the citizens of West Virginia through the leadership, development and administration of fire safety programs and to reduce the loss of life and property through education, inspections, investigations, certification & licensure, building plan reviews and enforcement of fire safety laws."​​

Regulatory and Licensing Division 
The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office, Regulatory and Licensing Division is responsible for duties which include, but are not limited to administration and enforcement of the following programs state-wide:

Fire Department Services
The West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office, Fire Department Services Division is responsible for duties that include administration and oversight for all fire and non-fire data collected through the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and related data analysis and fire department training, evaluation of fire departments and the coordination and issuance of emergency vehicle permits for all West Virginia fire departments and certain other entities.

Fire Department Listing​

Fire Service Emergency Response Guides and Tool Kits

Fire Personnel Certifications

West Virginia Approved Fire Service Training Courses and Resources

West Virginia Fire Commission, Requirements for West Virginia Fire Departments​

Fire Safety Inspections​​