Vocational Rehabilitation

The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, or DRS, provides support and services to help people with disabilities get or keep a job. For those ages 14 and up, DRS is your resource to realize quality employment in a competitive, integrated workplace. DRS assists West Virginia employers and businesses to retain and hire people with disabilities. As a significant partner in West Virginia's Workforce Development System, DRS strives to maximize services and resources for consumers through increased coordination and cooperation with our partnersThrough DRS’ statewide field offices, vocational rehabilitation counselors help consumers assess interests and abilities, as well as explore career options to develop individualized employment plans that will empower each person to meet his or her unique employment goals.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services for People with Disabilities
DRS is committed to helping people with disabilities find meaningful careers by providing necessary vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals. Vocational rehabilitation services are tailored to meet each consumer's unique needs. The following are some examples of available services:
  • Career Exploration Services
    • ​To achieve employment success, individuals may benefit from career exploration services to help learn about themselves and discover employment options. Identifying interests and abilities, exploring potential occupations, learning more about education and training opportunities, gaining hands-on knowledge of different jobs, and discovering important information about in-demand career paths can help recognize work goals. 
  • Vocational Training Services 
    • ​Vocational training services can help obtain necessary knowledge and skills to achieve quality employment. Individuals​ may receive occupational or job skills training in a vocational, trade, technical or business school or college financial assistance.
  • Employment Services
    • DRS provides essential employment services to help meet work goals. These services include things like job search assistance, job placement, résumé and interview preparation and workplace accommodations.

Employer Services
DRS also assists West Virginia’s businesses and employers to include or to retain people with disabilities in their workforce. The following services are available:
    • Pre-screened qualified applicants to reduce an employer's cost of recruitment and hiring
    • On-the-job training to reimburse a business a percentage of a DRS consumer's wages and workers’ compensation costs, while preparing this trainee for employment
    • Job retention services to reduce the expense of turnover rates by assessing needs and recommending solutions for employees at risk of losing a job because of a physical or mental condition
    • Accessibility assessments and solutions to evaluate the circumstances which may create barriers to employing people or serving customers with disabilities
    • ​Consultations about tax incentives, work processes, productivity improvement and specialized job coaching​
DRS offers a quick summary of employer services though this comprehensive employer resource​ guide:  Building Bridges in the Workforce

DRS employs a professional team of Employment Specialists through its Employer Services program, to provide business owners and employers with real opportunities to build on their business or organizational success

DRS offers specific employment-related services for people with disabilities who want to work.  The links above may provide a start for West Virginians seeking other disability-related assistance.

This site is a collection of resources, tools and people to help students with disabilities, through the journey from youth to adulthood.​